Reason for why India’s delay start in World Cup 2019

Six days apart since the World cup starts, the question on every Indian Cricket fans mind that why their team not played a single match yet.

India Cricket Team
India Cricket Team

Every other team in the World Cup except India started their World Cup campaigns. India has not started their rally for the race at the points table.

The Indian fans are eagerly waiting to see their favorite team in action, but they questioning, why their team not played a single match yet?

Six days of the tournament, started on May 30 witnessing all the other teams playing, while Virat and Co are still waiting for their turn to get on to the action.

India playing their first match on June 5, 2019 Wednesday and by the time, India’s opponent South Africa, would be playing their third match in the tournament. They have already played England and Bangladesh, losing both the matches.

While India playing their first game against the Proteas, by the time, all teams including England, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Pakistan would have got two games on the way.

But the reply for the delay has got nothing, but adjust to the conditions.

Previously it was reported that India were supposed to play their first encounter against Bangladesh on June 2. The reason for the delay was a request from BCCI to ICC, so to reschedule the dates.

The BCCI cited the guidelines of Lodha Committee to the ICC which states that India is supposed to play only after a 15-day recovery period from IPL.

For the record, the IPL final was held on May 12, so the recovery period would have ended on May 27, well in time for the June 2 match. 

Initially the IPL final was scheduled on May 19 and so the BCCI sends the request to ICC for a 15 day gap for India based on the committee`s rule. However,the dates was changed due to the general elections.

But ICC accepts BCCI`s request as previously stated, it would have been June 3 as it comes under fifteen days recovery period.

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